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Hello Valued Rainshadow Coffee Sierra Customer!


We have made the bittersweet decision to stop roasting coffee at our Sierra location for the foreseeable future. As is usually the case, there were about a million factors that went into making this choice, but it comes down to it being the best overall path for us as a (very) busy family at this time. While it is hard to say 'goodbye for now' to our customers, we know that everyone can understand the need to shift focus in life sometimes!


The good news is that our family's location in Sequim, WA roasts and ships the same exact beans and profiles that you have come to love and provides coffee subscriptions of various frequencies. Please visit them at and order/subscribe!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your business over the past two years - it's been our pleasure to provide you with fresh, locally roasted coffee!

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Welcome to the Rainshadow Sierra location in Reno, Nevada! 
To shop the Sequim, Washington Rainshadow location, please click here.

Fresh is Better

At Rainshadow Sierra, we enjoy roasting fresh coffee as much as we do drinking it -

plain and simple!


Welcome to Rainshadow Coffee Roasting Company Sierra, a small, family owned and operated business dedicated to crafting exceptional coffee.  Our premium grade, naturally grown and  produced specialty coffees are roasted slowly, in small batches with the utmost care to ensure that freshness, consistency and great flavor are unmistakable for our customers.  The "Sierra Nevada" Rainshadow location in south Reno is the newest location to join the family.  You can read more about the Rainshadow story and family on our About page.  We can't wait to roast just for you!

Fresh is better. The flavor dynamics in coffee are outstanding within the first two weeks after being roasted. Coffee flavor settles and matures over time after roasting. It is paramount to us at Rainshadow Sierra that you receive your coffee right out of the roaster so that you can enjoy this magic window of vibrant, rich flavor. We roast and ship regularly to make sure you’re enjoying the freshest, most flavorful cup possible when you drink Rainshadow coffee.


More than ten years ago, our "Uncle Don" sold the ‘32 Ford coupe he’d sunk his life savings and five years of work into in order to buy an Ambex coffee roaster that had been in a fire in San Diego.  He drove an old beat up pickup down south and brought the machine back to Sequim, WA where he dismantled, redesigned, and refinished it.  Soon after, Don rented a little warehouse space on a side street in Sequim, fired up the machine and started roasting the finest coffee beans he could source.  After a decade of ups and downs and an amazing amount of hard work and dedication, Rainshadow Coffee Roasting Company is a growing success story.  That same first roaster that started it all has been relocated to  the Rainshadow Sierra location in Reno, NV.

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